SSU: russia recruits nazis to its army

While russian propaganda says that russia is ‘liberating’ Ukraine from the nazis, the occupiers themselves are recruiting them to their ranks.

‘We need to kill everyone: both children and women. Just everybody. Entire Ukraine needs to be eradicated, all the way to Lvov. That this country should not be on the map. They need to be wiped off the face of Earth,’ says a russian creature, who is going to cut a swastika on the bodies of dead Ukrainians with a knife.

This is evidenced by a call intercepted by the SSU, where a russian contractor Ivan Klymenko is talking to his mother.

He has several accounts in social media, in some of which he uses fake names in order not to expose himself.

The photos published there include his images in military uniform and with nazi symbols.

He serves in the Second Guards Taman Motorized Rifle Division, which is considered the elite of the russian armed forces and always participates in military parades in moscow.

This is what russian military ‘elite’ is like…