SSU: russians call on to kill and torture Ukrainian children

‘Peaceful civilians' in russia encourage their soldiers to kill and torture Ukrainian children.

The SSU intercepted this shocking conversation near Kharkiv. In the call, an occupier is talking to his wife in russia. She lives in a town near Ukrainian border, where our citizens are forcibly evacuated.

This female is outraged that Ukrainian children refused to draw symbols for the Victory Day celebration. So, she suggests punishing them with inhuman torture:

«I would inject them with drugs if I worked, I would look them in the eyes and say: «Die, suffer.' I would cut their genitals, cut stars on their backs, I would cut off an ear a day, a finger so that it really hurts,' the ruscist woman says.

Even the occupier himself was shocked and didn’t know what to say…

One thing is evident: «russkiy mir' [russian world] is the modern nazism, no matter what slogans or aims they try to cover it with.

This is the reason why we need to protect our Homeland from it!