SSU Military Counterintelligence destroys russian T-72 tank and 15 invaders with attack drone

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The occupier, who witnessed this, decided to tell his mother about the event and the last minutes of his comrades’ lives.

And his conversation was intercepted by the SSU.

‘Mom, we had such a ‘circus’ today! At two o’clock in the morning – fifteen ‘200’ [killed]. Because they all were watching a movie in the tank. They threw it [a projectile] into the turret from a drone! A drone, mom, a drone! It’s a f**king disaster! They just approached us, dropped the ammo, and it blew up.’

There’s nothing to add about the fate of these occupiers: they came to Ukraine, watched a movie, died... and themselves got into a movie about precise work of our defenders.

We continue to work for Victory! Glory to Ukraine!