Armed Forces of Ukraine destroy ruscists so fiercely that even experienced russian mercenaries break

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Ukrainian Armed Forces are so fiercely destroying ruscists that even seasoned mercenaries from russia cannot withstand it.

For example, this russian mercenary went through the so-called ‘russia’s counterterrorist operation’ in Dagestan, but in the battles in eastern Ukraine he lasted only 2 weeks.

During this time, he didn’t have to shoot a single time: he just ran hiding from the artillery.

He tells the SSU about this: ‘When we got to Popasnaya and moved farther – we were stupefied... It’s a war, so to speak, of a different generation... That is, artillery shells, but there is no such thing as a machine gun against a machine gun. In 2 weeks of service, I noticed: mostly you run, hide from artillery. There are lots of scared [military personnel].’

The occupier admits that most of his ‘comrades’ were thinking about russia’s previous ‘special operations’ and went to Ukraine to earn extra money. Instead, they got into a full-scale war.

So, having surrendered as a prisoner, he is glad to have survived.

The SSU reminds those invaders who ended up in the wrong war about the hotline 2402. By calling it, you can surrender, save your life and, ultimately, come back home.