SSU intercepts russian serviceman ordering to shoot civilians and finds surviving victim

Moreover, the SSU has collected a complete evidence base on this occupier and has notified him of suspicion.

The senior lieutenant of the russian armed forces Anton Struev with the call sign Berkut is suspected of violation of laws and customs of war (Article 438 of the CCU).

The SSU has gathered irrefutable evidence that a serving officer, commander of a reconnaissance company of a reconnaissance battalion of the 15th ‘peacekeeping’ brigade of the 2nd guards combined arms army of the central military district of russia personally gave orders to shoot civilians during the occupation of a village in Brovary district, Kyiv region.

The SSU has intercepted a telephone conversation in which Berkut gives his subordinate this criminal order: ‘Just kill everyone there, for f**k’s sake! If there are civilians – f**king shoot everyone!’

According to the investigation, there are other episodes in which this occupier was involved. In the villages of Mokrets and Zavorychi, he personally captured unarmed civilians and brutally interrogated them using torture. He demanded to provide information about servicemen of Ukrainian Armed Forces, Territorial Defence and patriotic locals.

It was established that on the morning of March 22, 2022, after one of these interrogations, Berkut’s subordinates targeted a local resident who happened to be nearby. At the moment when the man turned his back to them, Struev ordered to fire at him. The occupiers left the civilian to die.

After being severely wounded, the victim survived. He recognized the russian serviceman and is ready to testify against him in an international court.

The SSU reminds that punishment for all crimes committed by occupiers against civilians is inevitable.

The investigation was carried out by the SSU Main Directorate in Kyiv and Kyiv region under the procedural supervision of Kyiv Region Prosecutor’s Office.